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160 Squadron Association's Planned Trip to Sri Lanka, March 2010

Canadians on Radar in South East Asia, 1941 -1945
The history of the members of the RCAF who served as "Radar Mechanics" in SEAC, as written by Angus Hamilton.
Mr. Hamilton has generously allowed the book to be published on this site in PDF format.
The book is complete with all illustrations, and can be downloaded for viewing or printing.

Canadians on SEAC Liberator squadrons- the RCAF photos
Over 7,000 members of the RCAF served with RAF units in SEAC. RCAF photographers captured some of them on film.
This is a list of the photographs which were held by DND in Ottawa, but have now been transferred to the National Archives.
Some of these have appeared in print, most recently in the book "Metal Canvas", by S. Fochuk.

The 26 July 1945 Aerial Collision Between Two R.A.F. Liberators, EW225 and EW247,and the Burials of the Fourteen Airmen Who Died

(Updated 2007 with more information and images. Note this is a 5 meg file)

(Smaller file: 1.7 megs, with lower res. images)
By Matt Poole

Matt Poole would appreciate some help in his ongoing research.




Updated versions, December, 2011


RAF Liberator Serials from Logbooks, by Matt Poole
Updated version, May, 2012
This document records serials and codes of RAF Liberators, plus an analysis on an aircraft by aircraft basis.
At this time it is based on the analysis of logbooks of 58 airmen who served on Liberators,
most having served some time in the South East Asia Command.


The Rupee Notes Signed by POW's from the Rangoon Jail

Matt Poole has researched the names on two notes which were signed by a number of prisoners held at the Rangoon Jail after their release. His write up includes information on most of the signers.

The 1 Rupee Note

The 5 Rupee Note


One of the best books published on RAF Liberators is:
"The Liberator in Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Service"
by James D. Oughton with John Hamlin and Andrew Thomas
Here are Comments and Additions to the book by Matt Poole


Information and photographs provided by J.E.H. Fail

J.E.H.Fail's Latest Article
SEAC Liberator Bombers in Far East

5OTU - 231 Group RAF SEAC

(in PDF format only) 

322 Maintenance Unit and the Demolition of SEAC Liberators, by J.E.H. Fail

 Liberator Survivors - the story of the surviving Liberators that served in SEAC, by J.E.H. Fail


 For more information on Cocos Island see the book "Operation Pharos and the Cocos Keeling Islands" by Ken Rosam
Woodfield Publishing, West Sussex, England, soft cover, 250 pages 9.95 pounds

"Lest We Forget"

RCAF Honour Roll - SEAC Liberator Squadrons
A listing of those who made the supreme sacrifice.

Last WWII bombing raid by 99, 356 and 321 Squadrons cancelled on 15th August, 1945
Cocos Island

Major General J. T. Durrant DFC AFC, C.O Cocos Is
W/C "Sandy" Webster, 99 Squadron C.O.
S/L Les Evans, 356 Squadron acting C.O.
Lt. Cmdr. W. Van Prooyen, 321 C.O.

  Gary Fowkes site on Liberators, with more photos and information.

Liberator Models
Photos of five models of Liberators in SEAC markings

History of early S.D. Operations in SEAC

Other Squadrons in SEAC

There were also those who served at the "Wing" level, rather than on a specific squadron.
Sid Bullock was a W/Op who served on 185 Wing.
Courtesy of his nephew, here is a brief diary of his time in India, as well as some photographs from his "training days".

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