The Mediterranean Theater

Including Squadrons in the Middle East, and West Africa


159 Squadron RAF and 160 Squadron RAF

While working on the Squadrons in SEAC, I have accumulated some information on activities in the Mediterranean Theatre.

Some of this relates to the activities of 159 and 160 Squadron's activities on the way to their posting in India and Ceylon.

This information is covered in the SEAC area of this site.


203 Squadron RAF

One of the "SEAC" Liberator squadrons which served previously in the Mediterranean Theater was 203 Squadron RAF.

For a portion of their time there they were equipped with Martin Baltimore aircraft.

Brief details of the Squadron and photos of Squadron members are located here.



454 Squadron RAF (RAAF)

Another Squadron in the Mediterranean Theater equipped with the Baltimore was 454 Squadron RAF.


  614/214 Squadron RAF

614 Squadron Flew Liberator aircraft from Italy starting August, 1944.
On 27th of July, 1945, it was renumbered as 214 Squadron.
Sgt. G. L. Trafford flew on the Liberators from September 1944 to August 1945.
A photocopy of his log book for this period was kindly provided by his daughter.
Transcript of Sgt. G. L. Trafford's Log Book, Sept. 1944 - Aug. 1945. (PDF format)

Copy of transcript in PDF/A format


244 Squadron RAF

244 Squadron RAF was based in the Iraq and Persian Gulf area.

Brief details, links to photos and 244 Squadron Association Newsletters.


8 Squadron RAF

8 Squadron RAF served in Aden until their "number plate" was passed to 200 Squadron RAF, in SEAC.
8 Squadron had received only two Liberators for conversion training, prior to the change.
Transcript of the Squadron's records for the last few months in Aden.


Photos from H. Turner, while serving with 1438 Flight, 244 Squadron, Comm Flight, 134 and 119 MU.


89 Squadron RAF

Carl Morgan's Story


RAF Habbaniya Association Website
Which covers RAF Habbaniya, associated and predecessor stations and units in Iraq

West Africa

200 Squadron RAF

West Africa was a separate command, from the "Middle East", but I have included some information on 200 Squadron on this page.

Partial transcript of the records of 200 Squadron in West Africa, with a focus on their operation of the Liberator.


A number of years ago, Garth Rice, ex 200 Squadron received a copy of a "story" written by George Johnston, who had also served on the squadron. The "story" covers the time when the Squadron was converting to Liberators.

Contact with George Johnston has been lost. It is believed that he is F/O. G. B. Johnston J7743 (and at one time, Acting F/Lt.) who served on 200 Squadron until October 15, 1943. He flew both Hudson and Liberator aircraft.

The name of people listed in the story are fictitious, but a review of the records can tie them to their real names in many cases. Some of the incidents are also in the records.
"Lost Horizon" by George Johnston

(File in PDF/A format)




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