454 Squadron RAF (RAAF)


454 was another squadron which used the Martin Baltimore in the Middle East.


There is also a link between this squadron and both 159 and 160 Squadrons which served in SEAC.

The aircraft of these squadron were "held" be Middle East Command when they were in transit to India. Ground Crews from 454 Squadron provided servicing for the Liberators of these two squadrons from Aug. 27th, 1942 until Oct. 11, 1942.


454 Squadron had an interesting early history. Initially ground crews were formed in May, 1941 but disbanded and absorbed by 458 Squadron in July, 1941. In April 1942 the ground echelon was reformed, and set to the Middle East. Here they serviced Liberators (as noted above) and Halifaxes until the air crews arrived. The Squadron was disbanded August 20, 1945.  


The Squadron was at the following bases in the Mediterranean Theatre:




September 30, 1942


October 19, 1942


January 24, 1942

LG. 91

February 16, 1943

Gambut 3

April 13, 1943

LG. 91

August 7, 1943

St. Jean

October 21, 1943

Berka III

November 4, 1943


July 27, 1944


August 18, 1944


December 8, 1944

Villa Orba

May 16, 1945



The Squadron used the following aircraft types:



Blenheim Mk. V

November 1942 to January 1943

Baltimore Mk. III

February 1943 to December 1944

Baltimore Mk. IV

January 1943 to December 1944

Baltimore Mk. V

December 1944 to August 1945


A history of 454 Squadron in the Mediterranean Theatre,  called “Alamein to the Alps” has been written by Air Commodore Mark Lax CSM.


The book is available directly from the author:


Mark Lax,
26 Maltby Circuit,
Wanniassa, ACT, 2903,


Cost is Aus$ 29.95 plus shipping.


Further details on this book can be found at the 454/459 Squadrons Association web site:



(This site also contains a wealth of information on the squadron, including personal stories by ex-members of the squadron – well worth a visit)




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