244 Squadron RAF

244 Squadron was little known; it served in Persian Gulf area of operations. Early in the war it was involved in the Iraqi uprising; later it was engaged in reconnaissance missions.


Formed: Nov. 1, 1940 at Shaibah
Jan. 1942 moved to Sharjah
Mar. 1945 moved to Masirah
Disbanded: May 1, 1945
Vincent I - Nov. 1940 to Jan. 1943
Blenheim IV - Apr. 1942 to Jan. 1943.
Blenheim V - Oct. 1942 to Apr. 1944
Wellington XIII - Feb. 1944 to May 1945.


Courtesy of Tony Tubbenhauer, here are a number of photos of those who served on this squadron.

244 Squadron Photos.

244 Squadron Association Newsletters

The Lone Survivor of U533 (Sunk by 244 Squadron)

Photos from H. Turner, while serving with 1438 Flight, 244 Squadron, Comm Flight, 134 and 119 MU.

The Obituary of Wing Commander 'Ronny' Rotheram
W/C Rotheram served as 244 Squadron Commander in the 1943-44 period.
The copy of his obituary was kindly supplied by his son.

Link to Craig Higgins' Site with Photos from Walter Carty.

RAF Habbaniya Association Website
Which covers RAF Habbaniya, associated and predecessor stations and units in Iraq




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