203 Squadron RAF

Mediterranean Theatre


At the outbreak of World War Two, the Squadron was based in Aden, and until its transfer to SEAC in November 1943, it served in the Red Sea and Mediterranean area.


The Squadron was based at the following bases during this period:




Isthmus, detachment Kamaran

August 1939 to December 1939

Sheikh Othman, detachment Kamaran

December 1939 to May 1940


May 1940 to April 1941


April 1941


April 1941


April 1941 to May 1941

Lydda, detachment Habbaniya, H.4

May 1941


May 1941 to June 1941

Gambut (L.G.101)

June 1941 to December 1941


December 1941 to January 1942


January 1942

El Gubbi

January 1942 to February 1942

Sidi Barrani (LG.39)

February 1942 to June 1942

Abu Sueir

June 1942 to September 1942


September 1942 to March 1943

Berka No. 3

March 1943 to October 1943


October 1943 to November 1943


During this period it used the following aircraft types:




Short Singapore III

September 1935 to February 1940

Bristol Blenheim IV

May 1940 to November 1942

Lockheed Hudson II/III

February 1942 to March 1942

Martin Maryland II

February 1942 to November 1942

Martin Baltimore I, II, III

August 1942 to August 1943

Martin Baltimore IIIA, V

May 1943 to October 1943



Tony Tubbenhauer was a pilot in the RAAF, and served with 203 during the "Baltimore" period.

He has kindly allowed his photos of Squadron personnel and scenes to be displayed on this site.
 Tony's Photos


Sam Wilson served as an Air Gunner on 203 Squadron in 1942
His son has generously provided some photos
Sam Wilson A/G


A note on the Martin Baltimore.

Very little has been written about this aircraft and its service with the RAF. The only book I know of on its RAF use was published in Greece (and is written in Greek). One reason for so little information being published on it may the fact it never served with the USAAF. Nearly 1500 Baltimores were supplied to the RAF under direct purchase and Lend-Lease.




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