R.A.F. Aerospace Museum - KN 751

KN 751 was an R.A.F. BVI, its serial B24L - 20 - FO/ 44 -50206, built by Ford at Willow Run and delivered by 6 FU to A.C.S.E.A. in June 1945. On 26th of that month it was allocated to 99 Squadron at Dhubalia. ,On July 16/17th 1945 99 Squadron including KN 751 transferred via Kankesanterai to Cocos Island. KN 751 was coded 'R'.

99 Squadron was formed in 1918 and was a regular R.A.F. Bomber Squadron right through the period between the wars and had been operational with 3 Group, Bomber Command, flying missions from 7 September 1939 and had over 2 years operational action against the Germans, before Pearl Harbour brought the U.S. into the war in December 1941, including the bombing of Berlin.

In 1942 99 Squadron was transferred to India with its Wellingtons, it played a full part in the Burma Campaign as a Bomber Squadron raiding a large number of varied targets in support of the 14th Army.

In August/September 1944 the Squadron converted to Liberators. It was to fly its final W.W.2 bombing and strafing attack against Benkoelin in Sumatra on 7th August having been in action throughout the whole of W.W.2.

KN 751 arrived in time to partake in 99 Squadrons wartime final operational sorties as well as supply dropping to P.O.W. Camps and also the repatriation of P.O.W.s after hostilities. KN751 served only with 99 Squadron throughout its S.E.A.C. service and was flown by the 99 Squadron Commanding Officer., Wing Commander Webster. It was the last 99 Squadron Liberator to leave Cocos after the Squadron was disbanded on 15th November 1945, KN 751 left Cocos with the other Squadron Liberators for Kankesanterai, but had to turn back over the Indian Ocean to Cocos with engine trouble. When repaired, Wing Commander Webster with the Cocos C.O. Major General J T. Durrant, DFC AFC SAAF -as second pilot, flew KN 751 via Kankesanterai to 322 Maintenance Unit at Chakeri where it joined the other 99 Squadron Liberators among hundreds of others in the Liberator Graveyard. All the Liberators in this article spent some time at Chakeri.

KN751 was taken on charge by 6 (M.R.) Squadron after the R.A.F. left India as HE 807 and was presented to the R.A.F. Museum arriving at Lyneham on 7th July 1974. Later she was sent to R.A.F. Colerne. When Colerne was closed by defence cuts, the Liberator was moved by road on a "Queen Mary" with her wings removed, to R.A.F. Aerospace Museum at R.A.F. Cosford, where the Liberator was re-assembled and has been restored to represent it as it was in 99 Squadron service in 1945. It carries a plaque on both sides of its nose reading "Presented by the Indian Air Force to the Royal Air Force Museum", above the bomb aimer's position.


At Colerne

At Cosford