Colling's Foundation KH 191

This Liberator has been left till last because it has been most difficult to find its history which is not complete. What is know is that KH 191 was built by Consolidated at Fort Worth as a B24J - 44 - 44052 and was delivered by 6 F.U. to A.C.S.E.A. in the summer of 1944 as a GRVI.

There is a break in her history from then until KH 191 was taken on charge by 8 Squadron R.A.F., SEAC which was formed on 15th May 1945 at Jessore, as a Special Duties Squadron until the Squadron was disbanded on 15th November 1945 at Minneriya. The aircraft was then flown to Chakeri where it was struck off charge on 11th April 1946.

In a letter from Bob Collings in 1988 he told me the following information of this Liberator Serial 44 - 44054 order W 535 - A C 40033 B24J - 24 - 85 - CF, U.K. or India designation T - 18 or KH191. This is interesting, for, there is no mention of an I. I.A.F., HE number which means it possibly did no go to 6 MR as the others have done. It would seem from the T - 18 that the Liberator's airframe was used therefore as a static trainer for aircrew and ground crew. Before the Colling's Foundation (lead by Robert F. Collings and his wife Caroline) acquired KH 191 in June 1985, it had been purchased by Doug Arnold of the U.K. (Warbirds?) in March 1981.

It has been fully restored in beautiful condition with two liveries port side as an 8th Air Force Liberator and starboard side as that of a 15th Air Force Liberator. It first flew after restoration on 8th September 1989 and is now a regular and popular visitor to Air Shows in the U.S.

One side of the Liberator purports to be that of a Liberator which shot down 14 e/a in one day - gosh - that takes a bit of , swallowing, but then KH 191 is now called "All American"!! Starboard side changed to "The Dragon and his Tail" in 1999