DVD's with more information on Radar

The Ottawa Radar Veterans have prepared two DVD's that provide wartime information about radar which was highly secret during this time.


DVD No.1
The Canadians on Radar WWII 1940-1945

This DVD was produced by the Ottawa Group and provides the wartime story about Great Britain's request for help in 1940 for the provision of secretly trained personnel for the RAF to maintain radar systems in every war theatre. It includes data about radar systems and recruits' experiences. It runs 70 minutes.

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DVD No.2
Radar in Canada WWII 1939-1945

This DVD, which was developed by Ken Shoultz and provides information about east and west coast radar stations It includes their locations and experience encountered due to their isolated locations. It runs for 30 minutes.

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Each DVD can be purchased for $15.00 Cdn, if mailed within Canada.
Outside Canada mailing costs depends on destination.
If you have any questions and for DVD requests contact the following:

Email: Julien Olson at: christine.trankalis(at)sympatico.ca
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Last Updated: January 15, 2015