215 Squadron RAF

The Operation Record

The "official" records of 215 Squadron are held by the Public Records Office, Kew, England.

They consist of two major documents, the Form 540 and the Form 541.

The Form 540 describes in general the activities of the Squadron on a month by month basis.

The Form 541 describes the details of operations carried out.

In order to provide some detail of the Squadron activities, some of these records have been transcribed from the Kew files Air27 1329-1331.

It takes a number of "revisions" to get the details as the crew names, place names and times correct in the transcriptions, as well as correcting any typing errors. In order that their is some public record, some transcripts have been placed on this site on a "first draft" basis. (Or, in other words -- no prizes for finding typos)

The following transcripts are for 1944, starting in July, when the Squadron first received Liberator aircraft.

Form 540 Summary of Activities, 215 Squadron













The documents above are html pages. The information has been combined into one document, and is now available in pdf format.
215 Squadron Form 540 July 1944 to April 1945

215 Squadron Form 541 July to December, 1945

The above Forms 541's only list the Captain of the aircraft on operations.
The "appendices" to the Form 540/541 have some "Battle Orders" and "Sortie Reports" in them, which list all crew members.
Transcripts of Battle Orders and Sortie Reports, October to December, 1944


Wellington Operations
To give a "snapshot" of the Wellington's operations, both the Form 540 and Form 541 for the month of April 1943 have been transcribed.
This is an "initial" transcription done from 1990 vintage scans of the microfilm records.
Quality of the scans is not great, so there are numerous "?" marks where information was difficult to decipher.
215 Squadron Form 540 April 1943
215 Squadron Form 541 April 1943


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