The memoirs of Carl Morgan

Carl Morgan was born in Wales, and joined the RAF in 1940
He trained as an armourer, and was first posted to 501 Squadron in England
In 1941 he was posted to the Middle East where he served with 89 Squadron
He was a member of the one flight from 89 Squadron which was sent to India in 1943
This is the flight which became 176 Squadron, on which Carl served until returning to England in September 1945.

Carl kept a diary while in the RAF, and this enabled him to produce a book covering his wartime experiences.
The book was published in 1995, but in limited numbers.

Thanks to the generosity of his son, who has allowed the book to be "republished" on the web, Carl's story in now available to all.

Strangers In The Sky, by Carl Morgan

(note: this is a 2.3 meg. pdf file)


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