Flight Lieutenant E. J. Mullins' Photographs

F/Lt. Mullins arrived at 160 Squadron on July 15, 1943 and served on the squadron for over a year.

Thanks to the generosity of his daughter, here are photos from his time on the Squadron.

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The crew in front of one of 160 Squadron's Liberators.
F/Lt. Mullins is standing, second from the right.

A photo of F/Lt. Mullins' Crew.
Back row, left to right:
F/Lt. Chandler, W/O. Cyr, F/Lt. Redmond, F/S. Bellman
Front row, left to right:
W/O. Shelley, F/Lt.Mullins, F/O. Paterson.

Another photo of the crew.
F/Lt. Mullins is seated at the centre.
160 Squadron had a Lysander aircraft in addition to its Liberators
This aircraft was used for "supply dropping" to army units on exercises.
It was also used on other flights delivering photographs from the PR flights and collecting urgently needed supplies and equipment.
F/Lt. Mullins flew this aircraft a number of times.
"Operation Pigeon"
This was an exercise to "home" in on the signals from a dingy off the coast and locate it.
It simulated the techniques required for "Air - Sea Rescue".

Sigiriya Rock was a dominate feature of the landscape at this base.
Many of the members of the squadron would climb it during their stay there.
This is a view of it "from above".


This photo shows the squadron being "inspected" by the Supreme Commander, S.E.Asia,
Lord Louis Mountbatten on the 17th June 1944.
F/Lt. Mullins is at the far right of the photograph.

After completing his tour on 160 Squadron, F/Lt. Mullins was posted to 5 OTU in Canada.
This is a photograph of the instructors at 5 OTU; F/Lt. Mullins is in the front row, second from the left.


November 21, 2008