159 Squadron Operations

159 Squadron flew Liberators in both the Middle East and SEAC theatres. This page provides details of the operations while serving in India. The details are taken from copies of the official records held by the Public Records Office, in Kew, England. (Air 27, 1060-1064),

It is our intention to provide details of all 159's operations, but initially, information will be placed on this page as it is "transcribed".

Because history is made by people, it is intended that, where possible, complete crew listings will be given for each operation. Crew names are taken from Battle Orders, Sortie Reports, or the Operation Records. At times these records do not agree with each other, so the total accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The squadron records vary in detail over the period covered, and at times provide minimal details. It should be noted that the Battle Orders may be dated a day or two ahead of when the operation was carried out.

I welcome any additional details, or corrections that could be provided from personal records or recollections.

Robert Quirk


Operation Details





January 2nd/3rd

Attacking HE HO Aerodrome


January 7/8th

Mine laying in Rangoon River


January 10/11th

Bombing and Mine laying


January 16/17th

Bombing Rangoon


January 19/20th

Bombing Bangkok


January 22/23rd

Bombing Meiktika


January 31 February 1

Bombing Mingaladon



November 13, 1999